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Monsters aggro system

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During the development of Heroes of Asgard server side I came across a system of behaviours and AI for monsters and bosses (as would be obvious in any game).

The general system was already set up and I have to say that I’m satisfied, each monster has its AI_GROUP pointing to a list of Behaviours and each is running into an update loop.

Now comes the realization of individual behavior, the specific case of aggro* of an entity to another one.

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World persistance for Heroes of Asgard

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Today I want to write about an important aspect of all MMOGs and of Heroes of Asgard’s server side development.

This first aspects is Persistance.  By definition, a MMOG is composed by a large scale and persistent world. This means that each change that a player makes on the world (like his position, etc) will be stored and can be retrieved when the player come back to play. Read More