Who I am

Hi guys, my name is Emanuele and I am a young italian developer.
Since my childhood I demonstrated my interest for computers and programming technologies, I designed games and basic algorithms on my old book: my dream was to create them, sooner or later.
I studied at Technical Institute, graduating with 100/100.
At the university I chose Computer Engineering and I learned advanced concepts and best practices to manage software engineering.

This site rises to show to the world my works and my progresses in the fantastic IT scope and to keep track of my skills improvements. Like a Curriculum Vitae, in other words... :)

I also use this space to write blog posts about what I am working on, general thoughts about technologies I am studying, tutorials and so on...

I hope you will enjoy this! :)

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What can I do? Here is my Curriculum

Heroes of Asgard

Heroes of Asgard is an hack ‘n slash, old school MMORPG, but with the inclusion of new ideas and a gorgeous graphic.
It is based on the concepts learned from Metin2 , which has influenced us so much.


A bunch of scientists are partecipating to a science showdown with their entry: a little synthetic world, populated by little creatures.
You are one of them. Your objective is to grow by eating your synthetic food to increase your mass.


P.A.T.C.H. is a professional solution for applications/games patching and updating.
It contains all features you need: installer, patcher, launcher, repairer, patches creator, FTP uploader, etc. An all-in-one, smart and clean solution!

PowerUp Particles

It is a generic piece of a PowerUp System.
It’s composed by a rotating sphere that contains the rotating powerup 3D icon and its particle system. It has more than 400 downloads per month on Asset Store.


How many times did you lose hours of work just for an editor loop, a crash or a blackout and you forgot to save?
Forget this experience, this bad situation will not annoy you anymore!


Localizatron is an easy localization system that allows you to translate your games easily and smartly.

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"I developed softwares with passion for my satisfaction, but I also worked and cooperated with some other people who helped me to improve my knowledge and to reinforce my passion. Here you can find projects and agencies that I worked for"

− Emanuele, MHLab